We love document communication.

Our Mission

WorkLean organises all your documents in one place and makes it very easy to communicate with your team and external advisors. With WorkLean you will never loose a document. With Worklean all your communication with your team members, clients, shareholders and external advisors (lawyer, tax advisor etc.) is transparent and in one place. All relevant business documentation is always available and securely stored. Start to grow document memory – and never suffer again from paper work.

Worklean can be used…
  • as the central corporate document storage and document management tool
  • for real-time document sharing and communication / Q&A sessions with shareholders, VCs and investors
  • for due diligences and larger transactions
  • for the communication process between tax consultants / auditors and their clients
  • for IT-Audits
  • for managing real-estate portfolios

Worklean will revolutionize the way
we store, exchange and communicate
on relevant business documents.


Dr. Oliver Waldburg


Oliver is passionate about how people work with documents. Worklean is the result of Oliver’s 15+ years’ experience as an legal advisor and more than a decade as a partner at the international law firm Allen & Overy. He now dedicates his time to develop the most user-friendly, easy-to-use and innovative digital platform for companies. In his free time he likes to resolve chess problems (TOP ELO at chess.com 2,200), write children books and watch interesting soccer games.