Nov 30

Restricting the visibility of workspaces

Dear user, sometimes you want to restrict visibility within a workspace for certain users. On the one hand you want to restrict access to certain cards, on the other hand you may want to exclude visibility of participants, i.e. certain people should not see certain other people or should not... read more →
Nov 23

Generate a Template

Dear user, did you ask yourself already whether you can generate a template from an existing workspace? The answer is, yes you can. Hereafter is a description of how it works. Best you try this directly in Worklean. To generate a template from an Workspace you have to click on... read more →
Nov 16

New template “Belege und Steuern”

Dear User, today we have uploaded a new template "Belege und Steuern". This template simplifies your monthly receipt management as well as the communication with your tax advisor. There is a specific card to which the tax advisor can upload his monthly business assessment. There are explanations on the cards.... read more →
Mar 12
Mar 02

When do I need to enter into an agreement for the processing of data (Auftragsdatenverarbeitung)? By Dr. Oliver Waldburg, founder of Worklean

Situation: John has an online platform for car leasing. His customers (individuals) file their leasing applications. John processes the applications on a server he rented from Mr. Processor, a professional server provider. The question is whether there is a special contract necessary between John and Mr Processor to ensure that... read more →
Nov 16

The story behind Worklean

I worked for almost 20 years in an international law firm. Some time ago I decided to start a second career at my fiftieth birthday. Now is the time and I am passionate about starting my own business right from the ground. Welcome to Worklean. What is Worklean? Billions of... read more →
Nov 13