Your Worklean

Worklean is your tool for collaborative digital work

The service industry is counting on us:

  • Easy creation of projects
  • Easy creation of folders
  • Stay on top of things at all times
  • Communicate at any time anywhere
  • Simple structures and easy access to know-how
  • Closer to the customer, better customer service

Investors count on us:

  • Create data rooms
  • Manage portfolios
  • Easy exchange with business partners
  • Easy exchange with management
  • Overview of all tasks and deadlines
  • Chat anytime and turn chats into projects

Companies count on us:

  • Secure and transparent data management
  • Easily set up projects with internal and external participants
  • Template manager for structures and know-how
  • Set up video conferences at the touch of a button
  • Overview of all events and their status
  • Easy creation of teams
  • Clear allocation of rights

Small businesses and medium-sized companies count on us:

  • Immediate digital start in the cloud
  • Easy to use, support is available
  • A tool for management, internal and external communication
  • Templates for filing structures and sample texts
  • Privacy compliant, secure and encrypted on servers in Germany
  • Test free of charge, low cost for permanent use

Startups count on us:

  • Lean management
  • All important know-how available (including sample texts)
  • Easy reporting to investors
  • Personalized workflow with todos, Q&A, chat and calendar
  • Ready to act at any time: in the office, at home, on the road
  • Low cost

Associations count on us:

  • Know-How about member administration, general meeting, board of directors, advisory board, elections (including sample texts) without additional costs
  • Easy management of members and association
  • Video conferencing at the touch of a button
  • Video analysis – upload videos and watch and discuss them together in video conferences
  • Low cost

Test now without obligation and free of charge!