Communication channel between founder <-> office manager and other stakeholders is often handled by e-mail

A full update of business documentation becomes a major search and structuring exercise. When the office manager leaves your company the chaos is perfect.

One central communication channel

The clear and adjustable structure makes it easy to implement changes, no matter whether this concerns updates of documents or changes to the participants. Even new kids on the block get to know the issue or even the entire business in a fairly short time.

Document sharing and signing with shareholders

Having investors and shareholders is great, but all the organisational stuff that comes along is often a lot of work. When you need to sign documents, you print them out, sign them and scan them again. This process can be solved better!

Share and sign the documents in one tool

Everyone is always up-to-date. There is no risk that outdated documents will be discussed, circulated or signed.

Integration of signing function is on our roadmap, coming soon.

Managing recruitment and personnel files

In a start up often there is no central place to drop the documents related to one specific employee. Rather it appears to be a collection of paper, e-mails and potentially non-compliante cloud stores.

It will be time-consuming and painful if an employee comes back and asks for a specific document.

One central hub for all employee-related documents

You can document recruitment and personnel file in central workspaces. You can document next to the documents that you have seen originals.

Further documents can shared with the relevant employee, allowing him on an as-needed-basis to make necessary updates. Confidentiality of the data is ensured by calibrating access to documents appropriately.

Preparing a seed-financing, Series A, B, C, D round and then you realize…

that you should have structured all your documents from day 1 to be ready for a due diligence by potential investors without loosing many days or weeks for preparing the due diligence.

With Worklean you are always prepared for financing rounds

The investor due diligence is something you are preparing from day one, by systematically store and structure documents. But worklean is not only storage and exchange but also workflow. You can handle the negotiations between old and new shareholders in one place, calibrating rights and access of the participants in accordance with their respective roles and the deal progress.

Communication with tax advisor

The tool which you use to digitize your receipts for the tax advisor and all tax-related documents are often stored in many different places (e-mail, cloud storages) and sometimes they are digitised by you and sometimes by the tax advisor.

Having all tax-related documents and all receipts in ONE solution

A simple template can be used to store and exchange relevant information with the tax advisor on a common platform. There is always certainty on the status and if there is anything outstanding (by asking questions, defining todos or making necessary comments next to the documents exchanged).


Storing and retaining (electronic) data nowadays is compliant relevant, even for a start up.

You are expected to store your data securely against hacking and in a way that saves personal data in compliance with data protection law. Further you are expected to retain and preserve the data in a manner that you can easily retrieve and recover them in case of a desastre.

Non compliance can trigger fines and in worst case imprisonment, not to mention the harsh consequences for your business.

Appropriate risk management

By using the Worklean platfrom you can tackle much better the compliance issues. Data storing can be easier handled in a compliant manner – you are storing in Germany. Likewise data are retrieveable and backups are available.

Further Worklean offers a state of the art security with a 256-bit AES encryption, storage in compliance with ISO 27001, a high-end firewall and audit-proof recording of the activity stream.